PHOTO: Miami wants fans to attend fewer games in 2014

Miami wants fans to attend fewer games in 2014
This is not reverse psychology, Miami wants you to attend fewer games. (Palm Beach Post)

Well now here's an odd advertising strategy, Miami is trying to convince its fans to attend fewer games. The ad you see above showed up in newspapers all over South Florida over the weekend.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You've seen how empty Sun Life Stadium can be during a Miami game, and Miami probably doesn't have to do much to convince fans to stay home, but there is a point behind all of this.

Miami is trying to sell tickets to one game in particular, its home date against North Carolina on Nov. 1. 

What the school is doing is trying to sell a "Two-Game Mini-Plan" rather than an entire set of season tickets, with the second game being the Canes home date with defending champion Florida State Nov. 15. The school is not selling single-game tickets to that home date against Florida State, and the only way to get them is to buy the mini-plan that comes with North Carolina tickets.

Essentially it's all an attempt to make the North Carolina game more attractive to ESPN, and make sure the building is packed for all those television cameras. Will it work? I have no idea, but when you look at the rest of Miami's home schedule in 2014, it makes sense.

The school will have a much easier time selling a UNC-FSU plan (that comes with a free Miami hat!) than it will single-game tickets to see teams like Florida A&M, Arkansas State, Duke, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

Here's the full-page ad in its entirety:

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