PHOTO: New North Carolina State 'Pack in Black' helmets

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North Carolina State will wear these 'Pack in Black' helmets this fall. (@PackFootball)

That is North Carolina State's new "Pack in Black" helmet that the team will debut this fall. The school tweeted the photo on Sunday, though there was no word on whether or not these will be an alternate, or if they're just the new helmet.

My guess is that they're an alternate.

As for the helmet itself, I certainly like the idea of going black, as I'm a fan of black uniforms, helmets, hearts, everything really. That being said, if you're going to go black, go black. None of this non-committal two-tone stuff.

But then you get to the back of the helmet, and it totally redeems itself. I don't know if I like it because it's awesome or tacky -- it's probably a combination of both -- but I just love this part.

But these are just my opinions, and the opinions that actually matter are the ones that belong to the players, and they seem pretty cool about the whole thing.

All photos courtesy of the NC State Athletic Department

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