PHOTO: Ole Miss powder blue throwback helmets are out there

Photos of powder blue Ole Miss helmets have surfaced on the Internet multiple times the past couple of seasons, tantalizing Rebel fans who fondly remember the now-throwback look. And they remember fondly with good reason: like the wave of '80s baseball road powder blues, those things are sharp.

So yes, it's more than a little exciting that this time, the photo isn't just surfacing from the message-board depths but coming to you directly from the Twitter feed of Ole Miss coordinator of recruiting development Bruce Johnson and appears to be shot inside the Ole Miss equipment room: 

Now for the bad news: like a lot of other alternate uniforms or new helmets that have popped up this offseason, it remains steadfastly unclear if this something the Rebels plan on actually wearing ... or merely had mocked up for visiting recruits to ogle. Johnson's job title, obviously, won't do anything to damage the theory it's just another part of giving recruits the VIP treatment.

But hey: the powder blue helmet is out there. There's no reason not to hope it finds its way onto the Vaught-Hemingway turf sooner rather than later. 

HT: RedCupRebellion

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