PHOTO: PSU recruit gets school logo shaved into his hair

Adam McLean is a four-star defensive tackle out of Maryland, and he's currently one of the top players in Penn State's 2015 recruiting class. Now, there's a long time to go before 2015 recruits can actually sign their letters of intent in February, but judging by McLean's latest haircut, I'd have to say his commitment is rather solid.

This is a solid decision from McLean, as we've seen recruits in the past get tattoos of schools they commit to only to end up at a different school. Haircuts grow out, though, so should McLean actually change his mind, it'll only cost him another $20 and a trip to the local barber shop to rectify the situation.

So he's showing his dedication and intellect with this decision.

Now, if you don't mind me, I'm off to my barber to get the CBS logo shaved into the back of my head. All the cool writers are doing it. And by "all the cool writers" I just mean me. Everyone else here is a damn nerd.

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