PHOTO: Scoreboard podium at Gus Malzahn appearance jabs Tide

The Kick-Six is going to be ground zero for Iron Bowl needling for years to come, so it's the polar opposite of surprising that the Cullman County Auburn Club found a way to reference it in their preparation for Gus Malzahn's appearance at the boosters' club Thursday night.

But that they manage to be this clever is worth a thumbs-up, especially if you're on the orange-and-blue side of the rivalry. Pre-Malzahn appearance:

And during, from a present fan:

Of course, Malzahn doesn't need the help when it comes to poking the Tigers' cross-state rivals, as he showed when calling out a game of bingo for the residents of Oak Park Nursing Home in this week's team outreach project.

"I'll slow down," Malzahn told a complaining resident, per "That sounds like some of my players. 'We're going too fast, we've got to slow down.' Or it sounds like some of our opponents."

"Zing"? Zing.

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