Photo: Steve Spurrier is an undercover Barry Alvarez

On New Year's Day South Carolina will take on Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl. It's a game that should be close and entertaining, and could go either way. So you can expect that both Steve Spurrier and Gary Andersen are searching for any way to get their team an advantage.

However, Spurrier has been around long enough to know that there are ways to gain an edge that don't just involve watching film and studying your opponent. Sometimes you need to get a sleeper agent inside the other team's organization.

And you don't just trust anybody to get the job done. In the cutthroat world of college bowl games, the only person you can count on is yourself.

Steve Spurrier is doing just that by going undercover to infiltrate the Wisconsin athletic department and find out all of its secrets.

"Steve Spurrier? Why, no ma'am, I'm Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez. I don't know where that handsome devil Spurrier is. He's probably back in his hotel room getting ready for Wednesday's game. A tireless worker that Spurrier. A god amongst men."

Via Deadspin

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