PHOTO: TCU unveils Horned Frog statue outside of stadium

It's March 25 of the year 2013, so of course TCU's athletic department has its own Instagram account, and of course it has the usual shots of the cheerleaders and women's hoops team and the baseball stadium and the WHAT IN THE NAME OF HEAVEN:

Yes, that's a giant bronze horned frog atop an eight-foot-high polished pedestal, one now standing guard outside of the recently renovated Amon G. Carter Stadium. The TCU Instagram asked fans to describe the statue with one word, and from these photos, we'd go with "nightmare-causingmonsterfromStarWars." At least, unlike a real horned frog, the statue doesn't squirt blood from its eyes. (Actually, TCU, if you've come this far, just go ahead and have it squirt blood from its eyes.)

Of course, trying to make a horned frog a cuddly approachable mascot has always presented TCU with some, um, challenges. So if you're going to go with the giant bronze horned frog statue concept at all, taking the intimidating tack is the way to go ... or, most likely, the only way to go.

HT: SBNation.

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