PHOTO: the SEC has a new(ish) championship trophy

So the SEC revealed Monday that its football championship trophy had undergone a summer "makeover" ...

It's kind of cool in a bronze-statue-you'd-expect-to-see-in-a-park-in-downtown-Birmingham sort of way. But if this is the first time that you've been made aware of the three football players in the center of the trophy, that's not actually what's been made over. Here's a shot of the trophy after Alabama's 2012 SEC title game victory:

The statues seem to be the same. So, it's like the SEC's own Highlights for Children back page: What's different? It looks like the trophy's back panel has been replaced, with the blocky triangle replaced by the rounded-off circular panel -- one that allows for the SEC logo to shift from facing upwards to facing outwards. (And, you must note, to become noticeably larger.)

Which is all fine, save for one question: With its streak of seven consecutive national titles still intact, is now really the time to risk jinxing things with a new trophy? Huh, SEC?

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