PHOTO: This pretzel proves Maryland is ready for the Big Ten

Maryland 24 oz pretzel
You know you want to eat this. (@dcsportsbog)

I know that it's going to take me some time to get used to the idea of Maryland and Rutgers being members of the Big Ten, but a trip to the concession stand at Maryland's Byrd Stadium will at least convince me that Maryland is ready to be a Big Ten school.

That's where I'll find this beauty.

Yes, according to the Washington Post Maryland will be selling a 24-ounce pretzel smothered in crab dip and cheese and oh my god why am I so hungry now. Here's the official description of this new delicacy.

The ‘Chessie,’ named after the Loch Ness Monster’s less famous Chesapeake Bay cousin, is a monster-sized 24-ounce hot soft pretzel smothered in back fin crab dip and melted cheddar cheese, then topped with a dusting of Old Bay for two to four hungry fans.

So, yeah, Maryland is officially a Big Ten school now as it has shown it has the artery-clogging capabilities that Midwesterners value so highly. Your move, Rutgers.

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