PHOTO: Tulsa unveils golden helmet

Say this for Tulsa's new helmet, which its football equipment Twitter feed revealed to the world Monday morning: it's not the sort of uniform tweak that plays it safe.

In fact, it's substantially more than a tweak, unless you think a bright gold chrome finish somehow qualifies as "subtle." The opinion here, however, is that this is not subtle, not subtle at all:

This is the sort of love-it-or-hate-it look that's going to leave a lot of football traditionalists yelling at it to get off their metaphorical lawns. But: 

1. you're Tulsa, and you struggle to get much in the way of national attention even when you do things like win Conference USA and throttle a Big 12 team in your bowl

2. actual gold is supposed to be shiny, you know

3. so is actual silver, says the (sweet-looking) facemask

4. these are going to really, really pop on television, most likely. And when was the last time -- no offense, Golden Hurricane -- anyone outside of Oklahoma made any effort to switch over to a Tulsa conference game?

In short, the helmet gets a vigorous thumbs-up in this space.

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