PHOTO: Tuscaloosa billboard mocks Texas

Now that we know Nick Saban will be back at Alabama next season after signing his contract extension -- though I suppose in the world of college football one should never say never -- Crimson Tide fans have decided it's time to poke some fun at Texas, the school for which Saban was rumored to be leaving Alabama.

And the best way to mock Texas is with a billboard in Tuscaloosa.

See, I know the power of the internet is strong enough to make sure that the eyes of Texas get a glimpse of this billboard. I mean, I'm writing about it right here. On this very internet. But if I was going to spend some money on a billboard like this I'd have bought a billboard on I-35 in Austin.

That way I would know Texas fans would have to drive by it and see it every day.

Via For The Win

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