PHOTO/VIDEO: Charlotte debuts 2013 football uniforms

Charlotte debuted the football uniforms for 2013 at an athletic foundation event over the weekend. (Charlotte Sports Information)
Charlotte debuted the football uniforms for 2013 over the weekend. (Charlotte Sports Information)

The Charlotte 49ers will take the field for the first time for coach Brad Lambert on Aug. 31 against Campbell. After two seasons of FCS play, the program will join Conference USA and then become FBS bowl eligible in 2016. Charlotte will leave the Atlanta 10 for Conference USA in all sports but football in 2013 -- the NCAA requires all start-up football programs to play a minimum of two years in FCS.

The excitement around the program's launch has been building since the staff was assembled in 2011. Fans in attendance at the Athletic Foundation's annual Great Gold Rush Auction were treated on Saturday to a sneak peak at the 49ers' full football uniforms for the inaugural season.

"It’s good to see what we’re going to look like," Lambert said at the event. "Decisions like this that we’re making are somewhat permanent, so you want to make sure you get it right."

What is a good uniform reveal without a hype video? Charlotte built on the reveal by posting such a video on its YouTube channel.

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