PHOTO: Wisconsin farmer carves coach Gary Andersen into corn maze

One Wisconsin farmer captured the nuances of coach Gary Andersen's forehead. (Photo by Don Schuster)

Wisconsin opens at home against Massachusetts in a little over two weeks, and needless to say, people in the Dairy State are excited about their Badger football.

More specifically, one Dane County farmer was so thrilled about the hire of new football coach Gary Andersen that he decided to carve his image into an eight-acre maze of corn, with an open-arms message of, “Welcome to Camp Randall”.

Don Schuster, owner of Schuster’s Playtime Farm in Deerfield, WI, “hitched a GPS device to his lawnmower” to help formulate the intricate design, according to

The maze, which looks like it could get a little tricky around the left jowl region, opens to the public on Sept. 21. 

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