PHOTO: Wisconsin store selling #KARMA T-shirts

Do you believe in karma? It seems Wisconsin does, or at least, one store on the school's campus certainly does.

First, a quick refresher. Last season Wisconsin lost to Arizona State in ridiculous fashion. And by ridiculous, I mean the officials completely botched the last seconds of a game, leading to Wisconsin not being able to attempt a game-winning field goal. Here's video of the incident.

Yes, well, after that debacle, Jen Bielema -- the wife of former Wisconsin and current Arkansas coach Bret Bielema -- took to Twitter and tweeted "#Karma." At the time Arkansas was 3-0, and it appears Mrs. Bielema was taking some satisfaction in seeing the Badgers lose. Now, why she felt Wisconsin's loss was karma, only she can tell you.

But she would soon find out that karma doesn't play favorites.

Following that Wisconsin loss to Arizona State the Badgers would win eight of their final 11 games of the season, finishing a respectable 9-4. Meanwhile, down in Fayetteville, the Razorbacks wouldn't win another game. The Hogs would lose the following week to Rutgers and then go 0-8 in SEC play, losing their conference games by an average score of 38-17.

Now a store across from the University Book Store on Wisconsin's campus is selling this shirt. 

It's not hard to see why Wisconsin fans might be interested in such a shirt, but I must warn any Wisconsin fan who thinks of buying it. Jen Bielema had to learn her lesson the hard way, Badgers fans should avoid making the same mistake.

Via the Big Ten Network

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