PHOTOS: Alabama's 2012 national championship rings

Lots of players from lots of teams have posted photos of their championship rings online in recent weeks, and some -- like, say, North Carolina's for claiming a share of the ACC Coastal Division -- have drawn some finger-wagging in certain corners for lowering the standard by which such blingity-bling is awarded.

The official stance at the Eye on College Football is: who really cares? That said, it's also safe to say that if any players in 2012 earned the right to tweet a picture like this one tweeted by wideout Kenny Bell, it's Alabama

Via, a more comprehensive look at the Tide's title rings, as tweeted by the Bryant Museum:

Tough to tell at first glance where they'll fit a fourth crystal football if the Crimson Tide does it again in 2013, but they'll probably find a way.

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