PHOTOS: Bo Pelini leads Huskers out of the tunnel with his cat

Because in some ways it's best without any context: via Hail Varsity's Aaron Babcock, here is Bo Pelini leading his fired-up Nebraska squad out of the tunnel for their spring game ... with his cat:

And via Bleacher Report's Erin Sorenson, here's an in-stadium view of the scoreboard, in which the "Lion King" aspect is even more clear:

And though we can't embed it for you, here's the Big Ten Network's absolute, hands-down, no-questions-asked-just-click must-watch video of Pelini's entrance.

But if you're more confused than in awe, we don't necessarily blame you. See, there's this immensely popular (and immensely funny) parody account of Pelini named @FauxPelini, the avatar of which feature Pelini posing for some stylish Sears-style portraits ... with a cat. This eventually led to the mind-melting moment this January in which Pelini tweeted directly at his doppelganger, asking for the cat back.

And that moment led us to ... well, the coach of one of the FBS's most storied programs entering one of its most storied stadiums by holding a housecat aloft in an apparent Lion King homage. Everything is the best, you guys.

Oh, and because this post isn't complete without it, FauxPelini's response:

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