PHOTOS: Cal fullback shatters helmet in practice collision

Sonny Dykes's first spring practice is apparently well and truly under way at Cal.

The Bears' equipment staff tweeted these photos of a helmet belonging to Cal fullback Lucus Gingold, a helmet that -- apparently unlike Gingold -- didn't come off too well from Gingold's "accidental" collision with a Bears defensive back at Monday's practice:

Here's to hoping Gingold's cranium is OK (and Schutt helmets, you maybe have some splainin' to do). But via Dr. Saturday, indicated all was well that ended well:

Running backs coach Pierre Ingram did his post-practice interview holding a little souvenir from Lucas Gingold: a helmet with a grapefruit-sized hole in the top of it.

"They got called out by the head coach and the offensive coordinator," Ingram told of the running back unit. "Gingold responded."

The junior fullback was an absolute monster in the backfield, bouncing off tacklers and through them, including a hello-nice-to-meet-you encounter with defensive back Jordan Morgan that left Morgan on the ground for a brief second.

Judging by the photos, yes, it's safe to say that collision probably did rise to the level of "responding."

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