PHOTOS: Couple has a Tennessee-themed wedding

As an unmarried man I only have two simple rules about weddings. The first rule is that if your friend is having their wedding on a college football Saturday, they aren't really your friend. The second rule is that, if there isn't an open bar, they aren't anybody's friend and should probably go to prison.

Other than that, I'm open to just about any kind of wedding. Even Tennessee-themed weddings like the one Robby Lowe and his new wife had Sunday.

Lowe tweeted some photos from the ceremony, and I think it's safe to say I know how these newlyweds will be spending their Saturdays from now until the end of time.

My favorite thing about all of this are the invitations that look like game tickets. That was a nice touch.

What could have been my favorite thing would have been an Alabama fan showing up and knocking the cake over while yelling Roll Tide. I guess that Third Saturday in October rivalry has lost some of its luster, though. Such a shame. I tell you, between the losses last year, and not crashing Tennesssee weddings, Alabama is in a real rut lately.

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