PHOTOS: FAU gets new uniforms, helmets

FAU is excited about this whole "joining Conference USA" thing, and it's hard to blame them. And that goes double when it's a perfect excuse to design and unveil some new uniforms.

Here's a shot of the new look from the Twitter feed of FAU mascot Owlsley: 

Here's one side of the new helmet from @FAUOwlAccess ...

... and via FAU assistant Ross Watson, a look at the helmet's opposite side:

The owl wing across the shoulder could look a little less clip-arty, and a monochrome look is virtually always a thumbs-down. (Would like to see this same jersey with silver pants to match the facemask, please and thanks.) But it's a classy look overall, and that helmet is a definite keeper. The owl logo should be FAU's primary logo starting now, the different sides to the helmet is fun, and a navy-silver combination -- set off nicely by the red outline on the numbers -- always looks good.

All in all, a step up -- and, as the college football gods know, far better than some other uniform tweaks that we've seen recently. 

Watson photo HT: CoachingSearch

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