PHOTOS: Florida now luring recruits with Pac-Man, Harry Potter

So, hey, remember when Florida began a long recruiting sales campaign by comparing Joker Phillips to the Joker from The Dark Knight, complete with the Gator logo photoshopped onto Heath Ledger's jacket?

If you don't, it might be because Florida has since flooded the proverbial market with similar photoshops referencing everything from Top Gun to Braveheart to, uh, Kellen Moore. But in recent days, the Gator coaches' efforts (or the efforts at whoever's producing the photoshops for them, rather) have taken a surprisingly geek-friendly turn. Thursday's "#comeplayWRforthejoker" tweet from Phillips references Pac-Man, a game whose heyday came more than a decade before the recruits that it's targeting were born:

And if that's not awkward enough, you might have already seen this, from the Twitter feed of offensive coordinator Brent Pease on Wednesday:

That's right, hotshot young quarterbacks. Come to Florida and you, too, can aspire to live up to "#theStandard" of The Boy Who Lived! How can you say no?

Kudos to those responsible for some of the detail in these -- the extra-life Gator heads in the Pac-Man 'shop, for instance -- and speaking as a blogger who has spent more time than he'd like to admit piloting Ms. Pac-Man around various mazes and (ahem) turning the pages of the adventures of Mr. Potter, that the series isn't afraid to embrace references outside of typical football machismo is something to appreciate.

But still: Pac-Man (in 2013) and Harry Potter. Used in a pitch to recruits. Dude.

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