PHOTOS: Iowa's throwback uniforms revealed?

Iowa announced in April it would wear throwback uniforms against rivals Iowa State in its annual battle for the (newly overhauled) Cy-Hawk Trophy, but only offered fans a tiny glimpse of what those uniforms might look like.

SportsBusiness Journal writer Don Muret tweeted a photo Tuesday, however, that offers what would seem to be a much fuller picture of the Hawkeyes' tribute to the 1921-1922 undefeated Big Ten champions:

If you think the colors in that shot seem a little -- or a lot -- on the muted side, the Big Ten Network's Brent Yarina says not to worry. He writes that the gold in the actual unis is "a lot brighter and better" than illustrated in the above photo, and provides a photo direct from Iowa football as evidence:

As long as Yarina is correct that the tone is closer to Iowa's usual gold than the Crayola bronze in the Muret photo, this could be a sharp look--the jersey panels are unique, striking, and more than sufficiently "throwback"-looking, and we're a sucker for unadorned monochromatic helmets. But if the color does come out closer to that one-turn-on-the-color-wheel-away-from-brown bronze on the mannequin above, there's not going to be anywhere near enough pop, especially juxtaposed against the Cyclones' usual "explosion at the hot dog stand" look*.

Our fingers are crossed, Hawkeyes.

*Which we don't mind at all. The stripes across the shoulder are delightfully old-school. But like them or not, there's no arguing they're ... expressive.

HT: Kegs n' Eggs.

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