PHOTOS: Lamborghini gets LSU tiger stripes

Monday is Presidents Day. When Thomas Jefferson wrote that the United States of America would be dedicated to the "unalienable right" to the "pursuit of happiness," what he no doubt had in mind was the freedom to paint one's hundred-thousand-dollar luxury sports car with tiger stripes inspired by one's favorite college football team.

SBNation's Spencer Hall caught up with one such individual who'd exercised that right -- Lafayette, La.'s Don Domingue, who last season adorned his yellow Lamborghini Gallardo (sticker price: somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000) with purple LSU Bayou Bengal stripes. Behold:

From Hall's must-read interview, a brief window into how one arrives at having tiger stripes painted on one's Lamborghini:

SH: Did you buy it knowing you were going to paint it in LSU colors?

DD: No. I drove it a while, and saw the yellow when I was watching a football game and noticed that the helmet color was the same color as my car, and I just put two and two together. I thought my car would look cool with some purple tiger stripes if I took it to the game. Just so happened we had three home games in a row coming up--Alabama, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss--and I thought I'd put the stripes on, go to the home games, and then after a few months take 'em off. I didn't realize the reaction they would get. Nobody wanted me to take the stripes off after that.

SH: When you went to the people who did the paint job: did they think you were insane, or did they just nod along and do it?

DD: Yeah, they kind of questioned it. But they weren't gonna refuse money, you know? 

No, they weren't, because this is America, buddy. U-S-A! U-S-A!

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