PHOTOS: Miami (Ohio) has some interesting new uniforms

WARNING: The following uniforms you are about to see were created by Adidas and could cause you to lose all faith in the future of mankind. Peruse them at your own risk, and is not responsible for any computers that may be thrown out a window as a result.

There have been a lot of schools debuting new looks for the 2013 season this week, and by and large, I've liked what I've seen from all of them. Until today. Today we take a look at the new Miami (Ohio) uniforms, and as Adidas tends to do when it comes to both football and basketball uniforms, they have pushed past the boundaries of good taste to create a whole new level of uniform hell.

Okay, so you know what? On their own the jerseys themselves aren't all that bad. I'm not a huge fan of the numbers, nor do I really dig the word "Miami" over the shoulders, but they're passable uniforms.

It's just when you add the helmet to the ensemble it seems to magnify the problems elsewhere. Instead of being an ugly distraction from the rest of the uniform it only seems to make everything I don't like with the jerseys more noticeable. Like some sort of terrible optical illusion.

Obviously Miami (Ohio) wanted something that would help them stand out, and congratulations, that's what they got. It's just that they stand out in the Lady Gaga wearing a rocking chair as a dress kind of way.

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