PHOTOS: Northwestern and Minnesota love America

So we can add Minnesota and Northwestern to the growing list of schools that want us all to know that they are quite fond of America, as both schools will be wearing America-themed uniforms in the coming weeks.

This weekend we'll see Minnesota sporting these helmets against Penn State.

Just your typical stars and stripes, but Northwestern has one-upped Minnesota's love for America. They'll be wearing whole new American uniforms against Michigan on November 16.

It may seem odd that Northwestern's uniforms would include gray seeing as how there is no gray in the American flag, but I think I've got it figured out.

You see, too many people see the world in black and white. Think Republicans and Democrats. But gray? Gray is a mixture of the two. Gray is a symbol of compromise! We're all in this together, man!

Well, it's that or Northwestern is planning to secede from the Union.

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