PHOTOS: Oklahoma unveils new alternate uniforms

Give Oklahoma and their partners at Nike some credit: if you're going to roll out a new set of alternate uniforms, their Tuesday announcement was how you do it. Glittery stuffed-to-the-gills website? Check. Custom hashtag? Check. Video of players reacting to the unveiling? Check, check, check.

Here's a first look at the uniforms from Oklahoma's Twitter feed:

A comparison with the team's standard uniforms:

And here's the aforementioned reaction video, which -- as these videos always are -- is very much worth a watch:

As for the uniforms themselves, they're nearly as well-executed as the rollout. The throwback-style font for "OKLAHOMA" is a nice choice, the little wood-themed touches on the helmet and elsewhere are well-done, and above all it accomplishes the primary goal for any alternate college football uniform: it looks fresh and unique while still looking like an Oklahoma uniform.

Kudos, Sooners.

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