PHOTOS: Purdue wears black helmets for 'black-out' vs. Ohio State

Ohio State is undefeated, No. 4 in the country, and has struggled mightily in their last few trips to West Lafayette. So it's no surprise that Purdue would want to jazz up the atmosphere for the Buckeyes' visit Saturday with a "blackout," complete with brand-new special-edition black helmets. Via the Purdue Athletics Facebook page:

And via the official Boilers Twitter feed, here's how the new lids looked in concert with Purdue's black uniforms. Not too shabby, really:


So the blackout is looking good where the team uniforms are concerned. And how about in the stands? Via none other than "Club Trillion" founder Mark Titus, that aspect needs just a little bit of work:

That photo doesn't include the Purdue-heaviest sections of the stadium, but ... yeah. 

And how are the Boilers playing during their blackout? They're down 35-0 with a few minutes left in the second quarter. So that needs some work too.

But, hey: nice helmets.

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