PHOTOS: School-branded Pop Tarts have arrived

Attention Arkansas fans: are you tired of eating plain old breakfast cereal that doesn't taste enough like the color of your football team's uniforms? Michigan fans: have you noticed a sad lack of your famous "block M" logo on your morning toast? Georgia and Florida fans: are you depressed thinking about kicking off another World's Largest Cocktail Party morning without symbolically devouring food named for your archrival's (stupid) nickname? North Carolina fans: is the sweet taste of an artificially-flavored UNC-branded breakfast pastry the only thing capable of taking your mind off of the swirling NCAA scandal and offseason coaching upheaval?

Well, are you guys in luck. Via @IMGCollege, here's images of the five new "Printed Fun" line of Kellogg's Pop Tarts that will feature the logos of the five schools mentioned above:

The Pop Tarts are expected to be on grocery shelves in each school's respective home states sometime next month.

Which gives us some time to contemplate some important questions. Like "What does the color red actually taste like?" or "With the world 'blue' right there in the product's title, they really couldn't have filled Michigan's with blueberry filling instead?" or "North Carolina instead of Alabama or Ohio State, huh? No offense, North Carolina."

We may never know the answer to those questions, of course. But once these Pop Tarts arrive, at least we'll able to distract ourselves with the delicious, delicious taste of their gelatinous, corn syrup-laden "strawberry" filling. Yum!

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