PHOTOS/VIDEO: Indiana's new helmets cause fainting spells

So, how excited would you be to see some new Indiana football helmets? Really, really freaking excited, right? What if I told you they removed the "U" from the basic design? You can feel your breath starting to shorten already, I know.

But what if I told you there was an alternate design that not only echoed the basketball team's iconic crimson-and-white striped warmup pants, but did it in chrome?!?

In chrome!!!?!???!??!!!!!??!?!!!!?

Yeah, that's how I thought you'd react, i.e., just like the unnamed Hoosier in the front row in this video direct from Hoosier athletics:

And via SBNation, screencaps of the aforementioned helmets (oh, and there's two more designs in the video):

Not sure what's gained by subtracting the "U" in the bottom set, and the candy-stripe chrome look is just, well, not what we think of when we think Midwestern heartland football. Oregon can pull something like that off, but can those helmets really coexist with Indiana's buttoned-down uniforms?

Which is why the best look of these three is the state flag-inspired one: novel, local, immediately recognizable, none of Maryland's state-flag gaudiness. It's both unique and new while looking classic and understated, a combination so appealing I ... whoa, feeling a little dizzy here ... I ...

*hits floor*

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