PHOTOS: You can buy stadium replicas made from Legos

college football stadium lego replicas
The Los Angeles Coliseum made out of Legos can be yours for $400. (Stadium Brick)

Have you ever stepped on a Lego? It hurts like hell, doesn't it? Well, if only one Lego can hurt that badly, don't you want to know how badly it'd hurt to step on a stadium made out of Legos?

Good news! You can find out for only $400.

Yes, a talented man named Brett Thiessen makes replicas of college football stadiums out of Legos and h e's selling them on Etsy. For $400 you can have something I'm fairly certain none of your friends will have, which would make you the better person and fan, and that kind of superiority is worth far more than $400.

Here are some samples of Thiessen's work.

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Jordan-Hare Stadium

Michigan Stadium

You can see all of Thiessen's stadiums (including Oklahoma, Georgia and Nebraska) at his Etsy shop, Stadium Brick, right here.

Please, go there, buy one, step on it, and let me know how it felt.

Hat tip: Lost Letterman

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