Pinkel believes Missouri and Kansas will play again someday

Gary Pinkel Missouri Kansas rivalry
This is a man that's ready to hang out on Google. (USATSI)

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The question on every die-hard college football fan's mind these days is "will Missouri and Kansas ever play each other in football again?" Well, dear reader, I don't know the answer, like you I can only cross my fingers and hope as hard as I can.

One person who seems more sure about the situation, however, is Missouri coach Gary Pinkel. Pinkel did a Google Hangout on Wednesday -- all the cool coaches are doing it -- and the subject was broached. Pinkel believes it will happen.

"It's an open invitation," said Pinkel through the magic of technology. "There's some pouting going on still. It's unfortunate, but it will happen again someday. It will."

It hasn't happened since Missouri left the Big 12 for the SEC in 2012, but before the Tigers left Kansas behind, the two programs had played 120 times from 1891 to 2011. And while many of those contests were played between football teams that weren't very good, the two teams hated one another all the same.

As for the chances of whether or not the rivalry will get a reboot, let's not forget the recent SEC scheduling policy that will require SEC teams to play at least one game a year against a team from the major conferences. Kansas, in spite of its record in recent seasons, still qualifies as a team from a major conference.

So maybe these two will kiss and make up and begin hating each other all over again.

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