Playoff selection committee could be done by end of regular season

The College Football Playoff plans to unveil the selection committee by the end of the year, possibly before the regular season ends in early December.

Executive director Bill Hancock is in the process of inviting several potential members. Though some have declined because of scheduling conflicts, the response has been "remarkable," Hancock said.

"A hundred percent has been excited to get the call, honored to get the call and wants to give something back to the game," Hancock said.

Expect the format to partially mirror the NCAA tournament selection committee, which is composed of current athletic directors and commissioners. Hancock said the CFP committee -- to launch in 2014 to decide the four-team playoff -- will include sitting athletic directors and members with past experience as players, coaches, administrators and media.

Five conference commissioners -- SEC's Mike Slive, Big 12's Bob Bowlsby, Big Ten's Jim Delany, Mountain West's Craig Thompson and Sun Belt's Karl Benson -- are former basketball committee members.

"There is no sentiment to thoroughly reinvent the wheel," Hancock said.

The committee will include 12 to 18 members but probably closer to 12, said Hancock, whose group will do extensive research on candidates.

"There's still some vetting to be done," said Hancock, who didn't specify when asked if he'll hire an independent firm for background checks. "We need to know about all these people. We know them, you know them, but we need to know everything we can about them. We don't want to make any mistakes, and we won't. These are all people of high integrity." 

Bowlsby said "four or five" of his nominees for the selection committee were selected. No names have been released.

The Management Committee will next meet Nov. 11.

Hancock expects the committee to publicly release their rankings three to five times during the season. Those rankings will be determined by the committee -- probably from conference rooms or via teleconferences -- though the metrics for determining the playoff have not yet been released.

Releasing three to five rankings suggests that the committee will address the public at some point in November, which will fuel speculation as potential champions get closer to their conference title games, if they're even in those games.

The CFP still has time but probably needs its crew together, and metrics set, heading into the summer for preparation purposes.

Dennis Dodd contributed to this report.

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