Podcast: 'The Odds of Going Undefeated,' with PredictionMachine.com's Paul Bessire

Kansas State has been one of the most surprising teams of 2012, according to the Prediction Machine. (US Presswire)

College football fans look at the top of the BCS standings, and already have begun to scream about who is going to get screwed if Alabama, Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame go undefeated. Those fans need to listen to this podcast, which will remind you that math -- also history, but mostly math -- suggests that such an occurrence is not likely to happen.

(Sorry Buckeye fans. You're 9-0 Buckeyes might not lose this year, but because you're not eligible for the BCS, you aren't included in this discussion.)

Paul Bessire, general manager of PredictionMachine.com and founder of the Predictalator, joins me again to break down some of the numbers around BCS futures, as well as discuss the difference in computer rankings, and of course give the Prediction Machine projections for Week 10's biggest games.

0:00 -- Bessire Intro.
0:50 -- Busiest time of the year at PredictionMachine.com.
2:30 -- Biggest surprises for the Predictalator.
6:00 -- The probability of Alabama, Kansas State, Notre Dame and Oregon going undefeated
10:00 -- Any way to take injuries, attrition into account when calculating late season probabilities.
13:00 -- Difference between the Prediction Machine computers and the BCS computers.
15:20 -- Prediction Machine's prediction for Alabama-LSU.
20:00 -- How the LiveScorecaster is able to produce running probabilities during a game.
22:30 -- Prediction Machine's prediction for Oregon-USC .
25:00 -- Favorites beware. Bessire says this could be a weekend with several upsets.

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