PODCAST: Weekend Picks Panel - Week 2 Against the Spread

Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M open up SEC play as 1.5-point favorites against Florida. (US Presswire)

Each week, I will be joined a group of writers, bloggers, experts and non-experts alike, to make predictions for every game in the Top 25. Each panelist will give their prediction for the game's outcome, and also the result against-the-spread.

The Weekend Picks Panel returns with the same gang from Week 1, giving you all the explanations behind all of their Expert Picks. Bruce Feldman, Jerry Hinnen, and Tom Fornelli tackle some of the biggest spreads of the year so far, as some teams squeeze in those last "easy wins" before conference play. But not all of the Top 25 has cupcakes this weekend, so tune in to hear how Texas A&M and Missouri will fare in their SEC debuts, and what takeaways from Week 1 are helpful in making your picks for the weekend.

In a hurry? Check the contents below for specific games and selections.

Panelist 1: Bruce Felman (@BFeldmanCBS)
0:00 - Bruce Intro and biggest Week 1 surprises
3:40 - No. 7 Georgia at Missouri (+3.5)
7:42 - No. 24 Florida at Texas A&M (-1.5)
11:00 - No. 13 Wisconsin at Oregon State (+8.5)
12:45 - No. 18 Oklahoma State at Arizona (+13.5)
13:40 - No. 16 Nebraska at UCLA (+5.5)
14:15 - Duke at No. 25 Stanford (-14.5)
15:40 - UCF at No. 14 <span data-shortcode= State" data-canon="Ohio Bobcats" data-type="SPORTS_OBJECT_TEAM" id="shortcode0"> (-17.5)

Panelist 2: Tom Fornelli (@TomFornelli)
17:30 - Fornelli Intro and Man vs. Woman vs. Machine Preview
19:00 - Miami at No. 21 Kansas State (-7.5)
21:20 - Purdue at No. 22 Notre Dame (-14.5)
23:00 - Air Force at No. 19 Michigan (-21.5)
25:00 - Florida A&M at No. 5 Oklahoma (-49.5)
26:38 - Austin Peay at No. 15 Virginia Tech (-49.5)
27:00 - Missouri State at No. 23 Louisville (-49.5)
28:30 - No. 11 Michigan State at Central Michigan (+23.5)
30:15 - Grambling at No. 20 TCU (-49.5)
31:00 - New Mexico at No. 17 Texas (-37.5)

Panelist 3: Jerry Hinnen (@JerryHinnen)
32:20 - Hinnen Intro 34:30 - East Carolina at No. 9 South Carolina (-22.5)
36:45 - Washington at No. 3 LSU (-23.5)
38:55 - Ball State at No. 12 Clemson (-27.5)
41:50 - Fresno State at No. 4 Oregon (-34.5)
43:30 - No. 2 USC at Syracuse (+27.5)
44:43 - Louisiana - Monroe at No. 8 Arkansas (-30.5)
46:10 - Savannah State at No. 6 Florida State (-49.5)

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