President Donald Trump to become 10th sitting president to attend Army vs. Navy game

President Donald Trump will be doing something that only nine other sitting presidents have done: attend the famous Army vs. Navy game in Philadelphia on Saturday. Of 119 meetings, 20 of them have been attended by a president. Trump has gone to the game before -- he attended in 2016 -- but at that point he was the president-elect and yet to be officially sworn into office. The last time a sitting president attended the game was in 2011 when President Barack Obama joined the crowd in Landover, Maryland.

Trump didn't seem to particularly enjoy what he saw a few years ago from a football standpoint, but he enjoys the atmosphere.

"The spirit is so incredible," Trump said when he joined the CBS broadcast booth. "I mean, I don't know if it's necessarily the best football, but it's very good. But, boy, do they have a spirit. More than anybody. It's beautiful."  

Army vs. Navy is an annual triple option showdown.

So far this year, Army beat Air Force, and Air Force beat Navy in the competition for the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy. Army can lock up the trophy with another win on Saturday, whereas if Navy wins it would be a three-way tie and Army would retain possession of the trophy as last year's winners.

You can catch the 119th Army-Navy game on CBS Sports, CBSSports.comCBS Sports App and fuboTV (try for free).

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