Projected BCS: Bama falls, SEC streak in jeopardy

This week's BCS projected standings: Kansas State, Oregon, Notre Dame, the entire SEC.

It might only seem that way, but Alabama figures to slot in the 4-6 range with the other one-loss league members, Florida and Georgia. It depends on how voters treat them. Traditional voting patterns would put the Tide closer to sixth, but the coaches love them some Tide, so fourth is more likely.  Fourth isn't good enough to make the title game though.  Bama or Georgia would need two of the top three to lose to have a chance to get in there.

LSU and South Carolina might be joined in the top 10 by Texas A&M after the Aggies' win in Tuscaloosa.  Only Florida State realistically has a chance to break up that group of six. The Seminoles still aren't getting much love from the computers. Sagarin still has them outside the top 30 in his rankings.

Also, don't be surprised if ND slips past Oregon for No. 2 this week. That's not the projection, but if Alabama wedges itself between the Irish and the Ducks in enough computers, Notre Dame could find itself in the second spot this week.

Still, that would just be temporary. Oregon would pass the Irish for good eventually as the Ducks' computer rankings improve later in the season.

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