Projected BCS: Little movement, until you get to 15

This week's projected BCS looks a lot like last weeks, without those pesky ACC teams near the top.

Notre Dame will be No. 1 followed by the two SEC title game combatants, just like last week.  Florida will finish in the top four and be an automatic at-large team in the BCS.

Florida State and Clemson fell to their respective in-state, SEC rivals this week, which should drop each of them out of the top ten.  Also, it looks like Stanford could pass LSU for seventh place.  The top six should be the same.

Where it gets interesting is near the bottom of the at-large pool.  Teams ranked 15-21 last week all lost this week, getting Boise State and Kent State fans in a lather about the possibility of automatically qualifying for an at-large spot.  That is a question better examined when the real standings come out later tonight.

I don't hold out much hope for them though.  I suspect the voters may not let it happen.

Boise State has to do it all with the voters since the Broncos are around 40th in the computers.  The Flashes get a little help from the CPUs, but they are also mostly dependent on the kindness of strangers.

Let's see how the voters treat them this week before we get too excited.

CBS Sports Senior Writer

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