Purdue football will attempt to blow out your eardrums with its new touchdown train horn

If you're a Purdue football fan, you may want to cherish your hearing while it's still around. 

The university's football team has unveiled a new touchdown train horn that will blast every time the team gets into the endzone at Ross-Ade Stadium next season. Registering at over 130-decibels, that train horn will be deafening. I SAID THAT TRAIN HORN WILL BE DEAFENING. 

According to the school's own index of noise, their new touchdown toy is as loud as a military jet aircraft taking off with an afterburner at 50 feet. As you may notice, 130 dB is classified as more than "painful." Fun!


The train horn is a a good idea in theory, considering the school's association with locomotives and engineering, plus its nickname as the Boilermakers. It's not completely new to the program either, as Purdue's stadium has utilized train horns in the past. But never one this loud.

While it may seem like fun to brag about having the most traumatizing touchdown gimmick in the Big Ten, I'm not sure fans -- especially the hungover contingent in the student section -- want to be punished with a sledgehammer to the eardrums every time their favorite team scores a touchdown. If the Boilermakers end up with a blowout win at home at any point this season, we could have to witness 50,000 people screaming in pain as they bleed from the ears.

And good freakin' luck if that horn were to ever malfunction like Vanderbilt's boat horn did back in 2010, when it went off for over FIVE STRAIGHT MINUTES.

Good luck and godspeed, Purdue. I hope nobody wants to sleep in on Saturdays this fall.

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