Purdue QB Rob Henry apologizes, quits Twitter after loss

Rob Henry had a rough afternoon in Cincinnati. (USATSI)
Rob Henry had a rough afternoon in Cincinnati. (USATSI)
Things didn't start off that badly for Purdue in their season opener against Cincinnati Saturday; the Boilermakers scored a touchdown late in the second quarter to tie the game at 7, and at that point were virtually even in the box score. It might have been best if Boiler fans just quit watching then, though, as the Bearcats scored the game's final 35 points in a 42-7 laugher.

Not surprisingly, Purdue senior quarterback Rob Henry wasn't happy with that performance, and particularly with his own. He took to Twitter to apologize to Boiler supporters afterwards ... and swear off of Twitter for the time being:

Is Henry being too hard on himself? Well ... "unacceptable" is a really strong word. But no, 18-of-35 for 161 yards (4.6 yards per-attempt), two interceptions without a touchdown, and a fumble isn't good. (Henry did score the Boilers' only touchdown on a 7-yard run.)

The good news is that there's still time for Henry to settle down in coach Darell Hazell's system and improve before the Big Ten slate rolls around -- and he won't even be distracted by Twitter!


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