Quick Hits: No. 12 Ohio State 63 No. 21 Nebraska 38

The Horseshoe was loud on Saturday night, and it had reason to be. (US Presswire)

OHIO STATE WON: No, there is no typo in that final score, and you didn't read it wrong. Two Big Ten teams actually combined to score 101 points on Saturday night in Columbus, and most of the damage was done by Ohio State.

The Buckeyes scored in all three phases of the game: offense, defense and on special teams. They racked up 368 yards rushing on 48 carries, and turned what had been a close game in the first half into a blowout in the second half. They also did all this while managing only 7 points -- on an interception return -- and 17 yards of offense with no first downs in the first quarter.

WHY OHIO STATE WON: Well aside from the spectacular performance in the ground game, led by Braxton Miller's 185 yards rushing as well as Carlos Hyde's 138 yards and 4 touchdowns, Ohio State got some help from Taylor Martinez. This was not a great performance from the Ohio State defense, as Nebraska also managed to rush for 224 yards, but the Buckeyes defense forced the Cornhuskers into 4 turnovers. On a night where punters weren't needed often, turnovers were even bigger killers than usual.

WHEN OHIO STATE WON: Trailing 42-31 late in the third quarter the Cornhuskers were forced to punt. It was a decision they'd regret as Corey Brown returned the punt 76 yards for a touchdown. 

WHAT OHIO STATE WON: If this victory doesn't make it clear who the best team in the Big Ten is right now, well, nothing will. It's just too bad that the best team in the Big Ten is one of the two teams that can't go to the Rose Bowl this season. Oh, and the second best team might be that other ineligible team, Penn State.

WHAT NEBRASKA LOST: This was a chance for Nebraska to deliver a message to the rest of the Big Ten and take control of the Legends Division. And for the first thirty minutes of this contest it looked like Nebraska just might do it, but then things fell apart in the second half and now I don't know what to make of this team. It's just not reliable outside of Lincoln.

THAT WAS CRAZY: Okay, so this isn't crazy, but it's pretty funny. 

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