Uniforms are becoming increasingly important in the college football world. With each passing season, it seems like teams are in a race to come out with a new look or special uniforms -- anything that will make the school that much more attractive to possible recruits.

And don't be fooled ... recruits really do care about them.

Recruits aren't alone, either. Just about every time a school comes out with a new look, you'll be able to read about it here at CBS Sports as our readers can't seem to get enough of the uniforms, either.

So, if uniforms are that important, we must give them the traditional college football treatment: ranking them.

This week, I'll be ranking the uniforms of every Power Five conference, from the worst to the best. These rankings are based on absolutely nothing but my personal taste.

Today, we rank the uniforms of the SEC. Considering how seriously SEC fans take their football, odds are some feelings will be hurt by these rankings. Those who feel scorned will take their frustration out on me, but that's fine. I'm a big boy, I can take it.

Before you get too angry, though, just know that, by and large, I like the uniforms of the SEC. Aside from two teams -- who are obviously at the bottom -- I don't dislike any of these looks. Still, there are some I like more than others, so even if your school isn't in the top five, don't take it too personally.

14. Missouri: I'm a fan of Missouri's logo, but man, everything else about these uniforms is awful. Mizzou took a great color scheme to work with, but it's as if there was a deliberate attempt to make these things as gaudy as possible. Somewhere along the line a golden hue became mustard, and then, in some cases, gray is worked in for reasons unknown. There isn't a single combination that Missouri has worn in recent years that I enjoy.


13. Vanderbilt: The only thing Vanderbilt wears that I like are the white helmets with the traditional Vandy logo on them. If every other article of Commodore clothing went up in flames, I would not shed a single tear. What annoys me more than anything is that, whatever color Vandy chooses to wear on a given day, they just wear too much of it. It's either all black, all gold or all white, with no in between. There should be more of an effort to work all of the colors into each uniform to help them stand out and give the look a little more life.


12. Mississippi State: What hurts Mississippi State in my eyes is a logo that I don't find all that appealing. I think instead of having the M with the State banner across it, the Bulldogs would be better served to go with the bulldog logo on the helmets. It would give them a bit more personality, which would help because there's just not a whole lot you can do with maroon and white. All that being said, as I wrote in the intro, aside from Mizzou and Vandy, there aren't any SEC uniforms I dislike. Mississippi State's uniforms on the whole are fine, it's just that there's nothing I really love about them to warrant ranking them any higher than this.


11. Texas A&M: There's only one reason I have the Aggies ahead of Mississippi State, and that's because I enjoy A&M's logo more. The fact is that the Aggies suffer from a lot of the same problems Mississippi State does in that there's only so much you can do with maroon and white. Another edge for the Aggies is that, when they wear all white, from helmet to toe, with the maroon stripes down the side, I like that look a lot. Where Texas A&M goes very wrong is in its alternates. Both because they wear too many of them, and that most of them aren't very appealing.


10. Kentucky: When Kentucky wears the all-blue with the white helmets, I like that. I also don't mind when they go with the blue helmet, white jersey, blue pants on the road. Where the Wildcats lose me, however, are when they go to the alternates. Whether it's working in the gray -- I'm convinced that Nike just got a really good deal on gray fabric at some point five years ago and has decided to shoehorn it in anywhere it can to get its money's worth -- or the chrome helmets, it loses me. If Kentucky would just stick with the blue and white with that checker pattern on the shoulders, it would have my undying uniform loyalty.


9. South Carolina: Unlike Missouri and Vanderbilt, when South Carolina wears black, I think it looks good. Mostly because of the way the black uniforms are highlighted with garnet and white. Garnet just looks good with black. What I don't like is when South Carolina goes with a mono-chromatic look with the garnet and white. If you're wearing the garnet jersey, go with white pants, and vice versa. Also, stick with the white helmets. Those are the best ones.


8. Arkansas: The logo goes a long way for Arkansas, as on the whole, their uniforms are pretty basic. Just a simple, clean look with red and white dominating the scene, as they should. I just love that logo, though, and I love how it looks on the helmet. Plus, while I think I would hate the font used for the Razorbacks written across the chest anywhere else, it somehow works with these uniforms.


7. Alabama: Alabama's uniforms are boring, but that doesn't mean they're visually unappealing. It's quite the opposite in this case, honestly. There's just something refreshing about looking at Alabama and knowing that the uniforms its wearing are basically the same uniforms it's always worn. There's been no need to update them to try to appeal to anybody because it's Alabama. It doesn't need to do it. Just think of Alabama's uniforms as your favorite pair of sneakers. You've had them for years, they're a bit worse for wear, but damn it if they aren't still comfortable as all hell.


6. Auburn: I'm sure having Auburn ahead of Alabama in these rankings won't cause an uproar in the state of Alabama. These two fanbases always get along so well. Honestly, I had a difficult time deciding whether I like Auburn or Alabama's uniforms more, but what gave Auburn the edge in the end was just having a third color. Alabama rolls with the crimson and white, but Auburn having blue and orange (a combination I always appreciate) as well as white, it nudged them ahead of the Tide. When Auburn wears its traditional home uniform with the white helmet, blue jersey and white pants, those things just pop off the screen. Tis a pleasant sensation for the ol' peepers.


5. Tennessee: Oh Tennessee, if you only knew how much higher on these rankings you could be if you stopped wearing gray alternates and other crimes against humanity as often as you do. Do you not realize that your traditional look is exquisite? There are not many uniforms in this country that I enjoy seeing on a football field more than your white helmets with the orange jersey and the white pants. I know it's just orange, but for some reason, when I see you wearing it, it feels like a unique orange. An orange known only to the Volunteers. It's beautiful, and you should take advantage of it. Plus, it makes me think of having creamsicles as a kid, and oh man, creamsicles were awesome.


4. Ole Miss: Ole Miss has a classic look to its uniforms, but it also has enough different colors and combinations to make it all still seem fresh. Plus, none of the combinations that Ole Miss wears looks bad. Every single one just seems to work, and it really shouldn't come as a surprise considering the fashion show that takes place on The Grove before every home game. Of course, even if I like every look, if Ole Miss just wanted to wear the throwback powder blue helmets every single damn week, you wouldn't hear a complaint from me. Those things are magnificent.


3. LSU: LSU definitely has a helmet that is one of my favorites in all of college football. I'm also a big fan of the way the yellow and purple just work together throughout the entire uniform. The overall look is very traditional and old school, but those colors help make everything pop out and grab your eye. I really don't have a single complaint to lodge against anything the Tigers do when it comes to their choice of clothing. The only reason they can't get any higher than third on these rankings is I just like two uniforms in the SEC more.


2. Georgia: Dear Georgia, I write to you today with a simple request. Please avoid alternates as often as possible. If you want to go with a black jersey in a special game -- like against Florida -- that's fine, I can deal with it, but make sure it's limited to once a season, or maybe in a bowl game too. I ask this of you because, well, your standard uniforms are glorious. You've been blessed with a great combination of colors with which to work from, and you've done an outstanding job of working with what you have. As a Chicagoan who has spent his entire life rooting for the Chicago Bears and hating the Green Bay Packers, it is in my genetics to hate your logo because you share it with the Packers. But you know what? I don't. It looks great on you. In fact, if I have another request, it would be that you figure out a way to sue the Packers to make them change their logo. I'm sure Texas A&M's lawyers could help you with this if need be. Thank you for your time.


1. Florida: There are a lot of SEC uniforms that I like a lot, but none more so than Florida. The Gators haven't really changed their look since the 1980s, and for good reason. They look good. As I've said, I like the way orange and blue work together, and they work very well for you. You lose me a bit when you go with the all-orange look, but it's a transgression I can forgive based on everything else you wear. I also love the script Gators across your helmets, and I've always been a fan of the Gator logo. It's just a very good look, and you should be proud of yourselves.