Rating the remaining schedules for the top eight undefeated in AP

At that halfway point, things are getting a bit uncomfortable. There are 16 undefeated teams still left in the AP top 25. Seems like a lot. It is. There were 14 at this point a year ago. 
The BCS' mantra is that things always seem to work themselves out. Most of the time, BCS officials are right. But with so many good teams hovering near the top (see: Pac-12), the Weekend Watch List thought it would be good idea to rate the remaining schedules of the top eight undefeated teams in the AP poll.
The list does not include the likes of Oklahoma, Miami or Michigan. (Hey, we had to cut it off somewhere.) 
Jeff Sagarin's Sagarin Ratings were used because his are the oldest and most credible of the BCS computer metrics. (Disclaimer: the strength of schedule will change from week to week based on results. But this week marking the halfway point of the season, it seemed to be a good time to begin projecting. The number next to the school name indicates the average rating of that team's remaining opponents. The ranked teams are from the AP poll. The top 50 numbers are Sagarin. The numbers do not include Louisville's Thursday night game against Rutgers.)
  1. Oregon, 26.1 average opponents’ ranking in Sagarin. The Ducks play three currently-ranked teams the remainder of the season and seven in top 50.
  2. UCLA, 37.5, three ranked teams, five in top 50
  3. Stanford, 38.1, two ranked teams, six in top 50
  4. Clemson, 42.3, two ranked teams, four in top 50 (one FCS)
  5. Alabama, 44.3, one ranked team, three in top 50 (one FCS)
  6. Ohio State, 58.5, one ranked team, four in top 50
  7. Florida State, 64.3, three ranked teams, three in top 50
  8. Louisville, 78, no ranked teams, one in top 50
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