Records set to fall as national offensive explosion continues

Major-college football is on track to set season records for scoring, total offense as well as yards per rush and yards per play according to the latest NCAA statistics.

The averages, calculated through Saturday’s first four bowl games, continue to reflect the offensive explosion at the game’s highest level (Football Bowl Subdivision, 125 schools).

The game has never been more explosive. Season records in 11 of 14 offensive categories tracked by the NCAA have been set at least once since 2007.

Through Saturday, teams were averaging a record 29.62 points per game. If the number holds through the 31 remaining bowls, it would surpass the record set last year (29.5 points).

In addition, total offense is up more than three yards per game to a record (412.84 yards).

Yards per rush is up to a record 4.49 yards, which would pass last year’s record of 4.40 yards. That average has increased each year but one since 2007.

Yards per play (another potential record at 5.76) has increased seven percent since 2004.

The bowl results could result in another record for yards per pass. The 2013 average is down slightly from the record of 2012, 7.299107054 yards-7.299121237.

Average rushing yards per game (176.7) is the highest in 33 years. Average pass completions (19.4) would be the third-highest all-time.

Those averages aren’t expected to change much. The 31 remaining bowl games represent less than two percent of the 1,589 games that will be played this season.

Conferences leading the country in these selected categories at the moment:

Yards per rush: SEC, 4.97

Yards per play: SEC, 6.21

Rush yards per game: SEC, 197.5

Passing yards per game: Pac-12, 272.7

Total offense: Mountain West, 447.3

Scoring: Pac-12, 33.4 points

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