Recruit on Miami investigation: 'There's no way Miami will lose this'

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Miami's newest commitment isn't worried about the NCAA. (

The NCAA has taken a beating publicly for the way it has handled its Miami investigation, and there's at least one recruit who has no fear of what the NCAA might do to Miami in the future.

Reilly Gibbons is an offensive lineman in the 2014 recruiting class, and the four-star prospect has received over 37 scholarship offers. On Monday, he committed to Miami and told the Associated Press he has no fear of what the NCAA may do to the school.

"When you have a president like President [Donna] Shalala on your side, you can't lose," Gibbons told the AP. "And there's no way Miami will lose this."

Gibbons says he read Shalala's statement defending the Miami football program while doing an investigation of his own (whether the NCAA hired him to do this or not, Mark Emmert does not know) into the NCAA's investigation of the school. He said Shalala's letter reminded him of something his mother would write. Gibbons' mother happens to be a lawyer as well.

Gibbons can't officially sign with Miami until February, which means there's plenty of time for him to be proven wrong about the NCAA, but he's confident it won't happen.

"The NCAA, they're notorious for drawing things out," Gibbons said. "No matter how long it takes, what the football program has already done is definitely enough, and I don't believe there will be any other sanctioning against Miami."

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