How friendly would The Friendly Confines be for a college football bowl game?

That's a question the Chicago Cubs are reportedly asking themselves, as the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the organization is making a push to host a bowl game at Wrigley Field in the future. The team's president, Crane Kenney, told the Tribune that the team "absolutely" intends to host a bowl game at Wrigley in the future.

A bowl game at Wrigley would not be the first bowl game played in a baseball stadium in a cold-weather city. The Pinstripe Bowl has been quite successful for the New York Yankees and Yankee Stadium, and there's no doubt the Cubs have seen that, and it plays a role in this decision. Where the problem comes here is that anybody who remembers how the last college football game at Wrigley went probably doesn't think this is a good idea.

When Illinois and Northwestern played a game at Wrigley in 2010, the field was barely squeezed into the confines of the stadium. So much so that both offenses could only go one way at all times because of the dangers of Wrigley's brick wall looming behind one of the end zones.

That won't be the case in the future, however. Wrigley has gone under, and continues to undergo renovations, and the changes that are being made would allow more space within the stadium for a football field. One in which both end zones could be used.

Wrigley is already set to play host to games for Northwestern again in 2020.