Report: State of Pennsylvania to file lawsuit against the NCAA

Mark Emmert and the NCAA could find themselves in court soon. (US Presswire)

Just because it's 2013 doesn't mean the major stories of 2012 are just going to go away. The Penn State scandal and the NCAA sanctions against the school are one such story.

According to Sports Illustrated, the State of Pennsylvania plans to file a lawsuit against the NCAA, with an announcement expected by Wednesday. The lawsuit will challenge the sanctions that the NCAA hit Penn State with, but Penn State is not involved in the lawsuit -- and it's unclear whether the lawsuit will focus on one aspect of the penalties or all of them.

"We're not prepared to say anything at this point," said Kevin Harley, spokesman for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, to Sports Illustrated.

The NCAA did not comment on the story. It doesn't comment about cases before they're filed.

If the lawsuit is to challenge the NCAA's findings, it could have a large impact on the future of collegiate sports. However, it's important to point out that the NCAA and Pennsylvania politicians have been going back and forth about one area in particular since the sanctions were announced.

Part of Penn State's penalty was $60 million in fines, with that money to be used to fund child-abuse prevention programs. Where the NCAA and Pennsylvania differ on this point is whether that $60 million should be spent nationally or within the state.

It's possible this lawsuit could be filed just as a means to settle that debate.

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