Report: Tim Beckman named in ex-Toledo player hazing injury suit

A 2013 lawsuit brought by a former Toledo offensive lineman doesn't allege any direct mistreatment on the part of his then-Rockets coach Tim Beckman. But it also won't do anything to calm the firestorm surrounding the current Illinois coach's treatment of his players.

The Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday that Beckman, five members of his staff and the University of Toledo were each named in the suit filed by ex-Rocket lineman Kyle Cameron. The suit alleges negligence and a violation of the state of Ohio's anti-hazing law in response to a coach-approved freshman "workout" Cameron says resulted in a serious head injury and the end of his football career.

The suit was initially dismissed after a judge ruled it had been filed in the wrong court division, but it has been filed a second time in a separate division. Cameron's lawyer has also asked the Ohio Supreme Court to review the case.

From the Tribune:

According to records, the July 12, 2011, "O-Line Challenge" required linemen — not wearing helmets — to run and jump off the backs of other linemen, who were on their hands and knees, and dunk a football over the crossbar of the goal post. While trying to dunk the football, Cameron allegedly fell and hit his head on the ground, possibly after also hitting it on the goal post, and was concussed.

"This occurred at an approximate height of 10 feet, and the impact was so severe that Kyle began to vomit and convulse with seizure," according to the Supreme Court request.

Cameron alleged that while Beckman was not at the workout, he "knew or should have known of the hazing, the initiation, and did not make reasonable attempts to prevent it."

Beckman's treatment of his players has come under intense scrutiny this week following allegations from former Illini lineman Simon Cvijanovic that he was mistreated and threatened with scholarship loss after a knee injury. Similar concerns have been echoed by more of Beckman's former players.

Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas, while publicly supportive of Beckman, also said the school would investigate the allegations -- though he declined to disclose details regarding that investigation and said its findings would not be made public. 

Tim Beckman took Illinois to a bowl game in 2014. (Getty Images)
Tim Beckman took Illinois to a bowl game in 2014. (Getty Images)
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