Rocky Bottom: Tennessee has lost its latest game against every SEC opponent

Tennessee lost on Saturday. That alone isn't exactly news because Tennessee's doing a lot of losing these days, and Saturday's 50-17 beatdown at the hands of Missouri was just another in a long line of bad losses for the Vols this season.

But there was a bit more meaning behind this one.

You see, as @RedditCFB was so kind to point out, Saturday's loss to the Tigers means that the Vols have now lost their most recent game against every SEC opponent. Check it out.

Of those losses, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky and Missouri all came this season. 

The LSU loss came in 2011, Mississippi State in 2012, Auburn in 2013, Ole Miss in 2014, Arkansas in 2015, and the Vanderbilt and Texas A&M losses are both from last season.

And as astute and valued CBS Sports reader Dwight Mathes pointed out to us, Jones also lost to Tennessee in 2011 when he was the coach at Cincinnati, meaning he has literally lost to every single SEC team the last time he played against them. 

The good news? Tennessee still gets to play LSU and Vanderbilt this season. 

The bad news? It's awful.

That's the kind of thing you expected to see from Vanderbilt during the dark days of that program's existence, not from Tennessee. But that's just where the Vols are right now, and it could prove to be yet another nail in Butch Jones' coffin.

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