The college football season is up in the air due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Power Five conferences are reportedly moving towards canceling fall sports, and while no decision has been made for many conferences, those with inside knowledge of the situation are calling it "inevitable."

Players, coaches, personnel and fans all have various opinions on the matter. While some are tweeting why they want to play, others are concerned for the safety of themselves and their families. Decisions to play or cancel will not be made without a thorough evaluation and plan, but one side will be left disappointed regardless.

David Samson sat down on his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson" to give his thoughts on the matter and insight to what has been going on so far. 

Samson discussed Trevor Lawrence's comments, where the Clemson quarterback said he feels players are more in danger of contracting the virus if they are at home. He said it would put the families responsible for medical bills if they did test positive for COVID-19 and would return some players to environments not conducive to their success. 

Samson disagreed and said anyone -- player, college president or otherwise -- who thinks playing football is safer is lying to themselves and the public.

"Saying that by playing football and traveling as students the way baseball players are traveling and are at risk, by having them travel to games and then playing football, if you are comparing that to being responsible either at home or at school then you are woefully misleading the public," Samson said. "There is no way to say that playing football means you will be as safe as if you were just a student being responsible on campus."

The podcast host continued, saying, "I don't want Trevor Lawrence using his platform to explain to people what it is to be safe or not to be safe ... Trevor, unless I have missed something through my conversations with university presidents, unless I've misread every article, what is being decided on a conference call between 14 team presidents in the Big Ten is not either we play football or every single athlete on the football team gets sent home ... That's not what's happening."

Players have united to say they just need to be told when and where to play and they'll be ready, using the hashtag #WeWantToPlay, but Samson explains that it's a lot more complicated than just that.

There are finances involves and, of course, the most important element -- safety.

"Because it's not just 'we want to play, tell us when, tell us where,' we've seen the conferences come out, 'We want to play, but, you have to do the following 12 things. Tell us when and where, but only if you've done the following 10 things,'" Samson said.

When it comes down to it, Samson explains that, "If you think the college presidents make this decision lightly, then you don't understand what it is to be the president of anything."