Today's word of the day from David Samson, on his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson" is "rivalry" as he dives into one of the great rivalries in college sports. He sits down on the podcast to discuss the rivalry between Michigan's Jim Harbaugh and Ohio State's Ryan Day.

Samson says, "There's nothing like a good rivalry. It brings out the most irrational views of fans, coaches, students. One of the great rivalries in college sports is Michigan vs. Ohio State," Samson said. "You can lose every other game if you're the Wolverines coach, but if you beat OSU you're gonna be the most popular guy in town."

The Big Ten had a conference call with all the coaches and in it, where Harbaugh called out Ohio State saying it was not fair they had coaches do on-field instruction ahead of the day it was allowed. 

Samson wonders why Harbaugh used this now and not when it could be useful, like before a game.

Day did not react to these claims, which Samson says is an indicator that this is actually not that big of a rival from the Ohio State-side, who has been dominate in head-to-head matchups.

Samson explains, "Ryan Day responded by saying on the call 'Hey Jim, how about I worry about my team and you worry about yours.'"

Samson said of Day:

"That is the sound of a man who is being dismissive of someone who he does not consider a rival. He wasn't apologizing, he wasn't saying I'm gonna look into it, he wasn't saying that it happened, he wasn't saying it didn't happen ..."

This is not a rivalry he said, "This is called a one-way ass kicking." 

Day then went into a team meeting and told his players that he hopes there's a mercy rule in college football this year because we're going to hang 100 on Michigan this year.

It leaked to the media and Samson is calling this bulletin board material.

Samson knows you don't want to give the other team any ammo and breaks down why Day would have said this to his players.

"You never want to poke the bear in sports. If you're Ohio State and you've won as often as you have, why would you ever poke the bear?" he asks. "Unless you thought the bear was a squirrel, and poking the squirrel means nothing to you. You can poke the squirrel all you want and there's nothing the squirrel can do because you're a big bad wolf."

He concluded saying, "The cockiness that Ohio State is showing is fascinating to me and it's the type of cockiness that can only come with repeated winning."