The SEC announced last week that it will play a 10-game conference-only schedule this season due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The focus immediately turned to the biggest question: Which two opponents get added to each team's schedule? That question was answered on Friday when the conference announced those new opponents for all 14 of its teams.

Each SEC team plays one permanent cross-division rival and another rotating cross-division opponent under normal circumstances. The format this year calls for two additional rotating cross-division opponents in addition to the one cross-division opponent that was already on each team's schedule. 

"We made every effort to create a schedule that is as competitive as possible and builds on the existing eight Conference games that had already been scheduled for 2020," said SEC commissioner Greg Sankey in a statement. "This schedule is a one-year anomaly that we have developed under unique circumstances presented by the impact of COVID-19."

Here's a look at the two additional opponents added to each SEC team's schedule.


Previously scheduled: vs. Georgia, at Tennessee
Added opponents: vs. Kentucky, at Missouri


Previously scheduled: vs. Tennessee, at Missouri
Added opponents: vs. Georgia, at Florida


Previously scheduled: vs. Kentucky, at Georgia
Added opponents: vs. Tennessee, at South Carolina


Previously scheduled: vs. LSU, at Ole Miss
Added opponents: vs. Arkansas, at Texas A&M


Previously scheduled: vs. Auburn, at Alabama
Added opponents: vs. Mississippi State, at Arkansas


Previously scheduled: vs. Mississippi State, at Auburn
Added opponents: vs. Ole Miss, at Alabama


Previously scheduled: vs. South Carolina, at Florida
Added opponents: vs. Missouri, at Vanderbilt

Ole Miss

Previously scheduled: vs. Florida, at Vanderbilt
Added opponents: vs. South Carolina, at Kentucky

Mississippi State

Previously scheduled: vs. Missouri, at Kentucky
Added opponents: vs. Vanderbilt, at Georgia


Previously scheduled: vs. Arkansas, at Mississippi State
Added opponents: vs. Alabama, at LSU

South Carolina

Previously scheduled: vs. Texas A&M, at LSU
Added opponents: vs. Auburn, at Ole Miss


Previously scheduled: vs. Alabama, at Arkansas
Added opponents: vs. Texas A&M, at Auburn

Texas A&M

Previously scheduled: vs. Vanderbilt, at South Carolina
Added opponents: vs. Florida, at Tennessee


Previously scheduled: vs. Ole Miss, at Texas A&M
Added opponents: vs. LSU, at Mississippi State

The full week-by-week SEC schedule is set to be released next week and won't necessarily have schedule opponents playing on the same dates as was previously announced. It will start in the traditional Week 4 of Sept. 26 and conclude with the SEC Championship Game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Dec. 19, two weeks later than originally scheduled.

Every SEC team will have a bye week on Dec. 12 -- one week before the conference championship game. That bye week can be used to make up any games impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic or as an extra week for teams to prepare for the conference title matchup.